Clove Garden Of India Our Menu

Clove Garden Of India Vegetarian Starters

veg Samosa
(all Time Favorite) Savory Pastries Stuffed With Spiced Potatoes.
Gently Seasoned Mix Vegetables Fritters.
Potato Patties Topped With Spiced Chickpeas, Mint, Tamarind Sauce.
SPinach Fritters Served With Mint And Tamarind Chutney
(all time favorite) Cauliflower Florets Tossed In Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce.
Homemade Indian Cheese In Sweet garlic Sauce
Cubes Of Home Made Cheese, Marinated Overnight, Cooked in Clay Oven Served on Sizzler With Onion, bell pepper , And Lemon.
Crispy Slices Of Eggplant With Chickpeas, Mint And tamarind.
Assortment Of Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Fritters And Aloo Tikki.

Clove Garden Of India Non-Vegetarian Starters

Savory pastries Stuffed With Spiced Ground Lamb And Potatoes.
Indian Spices Chicken Wings Cooked In Tandoor Oven.
Mint And Cilantro Flavored Chicken Cooked In Tandoori Oven.
(must try) Shrimp With Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Onions, And Tomato Sauce.
Chicken Wings prepared with a Marinade Of Herbs And Spices
Tender Lamb Cubes, Bell Peppers, And Crushed Peppercorn. Spicy.

Clove Garden Of India Salad, Soups & Side Dishes

A Lentil Soup Flavored Gently With Fresh Herbs And Garden vegetables.
Indian Style Chicken Soup Made With Vegetables And Spices.
Chickpeas, Cucumber, red Onion, bell Peppers, Tamarind And mint Sauce.
Mixed garden Fresh Vegatable.
Homemade Preserved Veg With Spices.
Homemade Whipped Yogurt With Cucumbers, Onions And Carrots
Sweet mango Relish

Clove Garden Of India Tandoor Sizzlers

Whole Deskinned Chicken Marinated Overnight in Our Chefs Marinate, Cooked On Skewers in Charcoal Clay Oven.
Boneless Cubes Of Chicken Breast, Marinated In Frontier Spices, Cooked In Clay Oven, garnished With Ginger And Mint.
Tender Boneless Breast Cubes marinated In Almond Yogurt Paste Overnight, Cooked Gently And Skewers
Minced lamb Rolls Flavored With Medium Spices, Served Piping Hot On Sizzler With Onion And Lemon.
Saffron And Yogurt Marinated Jumbo Shrimp, Lightly Spiced And Cooked in Clay Oven, Served On Sizzler.
Fresh Salmon Fillet, Marinated Overnight In Chefs Special Paste, Cooked Gently On Skewers and served On Sizzler hot.
An Assortment Of tandoori Specialities Recommended By Our Chef, Served On Sizzler With Onions and Lemon.

Clove Garden Of India Biryani Specialities

Basmati Rice Cooked With Fresh Vegetables And Saffron, Sprinkled With Raisins And Nuts.
A Traditionally Cooked Basmati Rice With Chicken, Indian Herbs And Garnished With Saffron.
Succulent Pieces Of Lamb Cooked With Basmati Rice And Spices, Garnished With Dried Nuts.
Tiger Shrimp Cooked With Basmati Rice And Spices, Garnished With Dried nuts.
Basmati Rice Cooked With Mutton (on bone) , Aromatic Spices, Herbs And Saffron.
Rice Cooked With A Mix Of Chicken , Lamb , Vegetables And Tiger Shrimps Served With Raita, Nuts And Raisins.

Clove Garden Of India Special Flavoured Rice

A South Indian Lemon Flavored Rice, Cooked Peanuts, And Red Dry Chillies
(Special rice with coconut and Indian spices)
(tamarind Flavored Rice)
Our Rice Cooked With Fresh Herbs Topped With Fruits And Nuts.

Clove Garden Of India Seafood Specialities

Tiger Shrimp Simmered In Bombay Style, Onion, Tomato And Home Ground Spices.
Fish Simmered Slowly In Coconut And Tamarind Curry In A Coastal Style.
Jumbo Shrimps Cooked In Hot Sauce Goan Style Tossed With Golden Potatoes.
Tiger Shrimp Cooked With Chopped Spinach And Our Fresh Herbs And Spices.
Shrimp With Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Onions And Tomato Sauce.
Spicy Andhra Fish Curry Recipe With Tamarind, A Ground Curry Paste, A Fish Steaks, A Lovely South Indian Style Fish Curry That Goes Great With Rice.
Large Shrimp Cooked With A Spicy Coconut Sauce.

Clove Garden Of India Chicken Specialities

Succulent Pieces Of Chicken Cooked To Perfection In A Coriander Sauce.
Boneless Chicken Tikka Cooked in Rich Tomato Sauce - Mild Delicacy.
Chicken Tikkas Cooked With Sauteed Red Onion And Bell peppers In A Tasty Tomato Masala Sauce.
Boneless Chicken Cooked With Chopped Spinach And Our Fresh Herbs And Spices.
Boneless Chicken Cubes Prepared In A Hot Curry Sauce, Speciality For Hot Food Lovers, A Goan Delight.
A Royal entree, Boneless Brest Of Chicken Cubes Prepared With Blanched Sliced With Indian And Asian Ingrediants (a very popular dish)
Southern Indian Style Chicken Cooked In Crushed Black Pepper, Coconut And Fleky Spices
Mango And Chicken Are A Power Combo Boneless Skinless Breast Chicken Prepared With Mango Sauce And Herbs.
Speciality Chettinadu MasaLa With Coconut Milk Chicken In Spicy Black Pepper And Roasted Coconut Sauce Spicy.
Boneless Pieces OF chicken Cooked With Pickled Sauce And Indian Spices.

Clove Garden Of India Lamb / Goat Specilities

A Lamb Delicacy From Kashmir Valley Cooked in A Brown Sauce With Saffron, Ginger And Fennel Seeds.
Chettinad, South Indian Style Lamb Curry With Star Anise, Coconut And Fennel Seeds.
Succulent pieces of goat cooked in cumin flavored tangy sauce of ginger and garlic.
Boneless tender cubes of lamb cooked with fresh spinach and our spices on low heat.
Goat Prepared With Light Onion Gravy.
Boneless Tender Cubes Of lamb Cooked In A Gravy Of Ginger, Garlic, pepper Corn And malt Vinegar, Tossed With Golden Fried Potatoes.
Lamb Cooked In Almond And Cashew Cream Sauce.
This Is One Of The Popular Dishes In Hyderabad, Made With Okra And lamb Added To It.
Pieces Of Lamb Marinated Overnight In Yogurt, Herbs And Spices And Cooked In A Mild Yogurt Sauce.
A Delicious Blend of Minced Meat And Peas Sauteed In A Thick Mixture Of Stimulating Spices And Herbs.

Clove Garden Of India Vegan Specialities

Roasted Okra Sauteed In Tomato Sauce With Bell Pepper And Spices
Vegetables In Spicy Black Pepper And Roasted Coconut Sauce, Spicy.
Chickpeas, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions And Traditional Indian Spices.
Yellow split peas cooked with Onion, Tomatoes And Spices.
Shredded Cabbage And Carrots With Roasted Lentils And Coconut.
Potatoes And Cauliflower Sauteed With Tomatoes, Ginger And Spices.
Simmered Spinach With Exotic Spices Added With Mushroom.

Clove Garden Of India Vagetarian Specilities

Cubes Of Cottage Cheese Cooked With Fresh Spinach In Pure Spices And Mild Delicacy.
Crispy Florets Of Cauliflower With Chilli Flakes & Garlic Tomato Chutney.
Soft Croquettes Made Of Cottage Cheese And Grated Carrots, Cooked in A Sweets Yellow Sauce , Topped With Raisins And Nuts.
Cottage Cheese Cubes Cooked On A Rich Tomato Sauce Or Cheese Cooked With Peas in A Onion Gravy.
Garden Vegetables Cooked in A Creamy Sauce.
Paneer Cheese Sauteed With Onion, bell Peppers And Spices.
Smoked Eggplant With Onions, Tomatoes, Peas, Cumin And Cream.
Spinach And Cheese Dump[lings in An Onion, Tomato And Honey Sauce.
A Royal entree , Cottage cheese cubes Prepared With Blanched Sliced Almonds In A Spice Leaved Cream.
Black Grain and Red beans Cooked Slowly With Spices And Cream, Topped With Ginger And Cilantro.
Yellow split Peas Cooked in Onion Sauce A very light dish.

Clove Garden Of India Indian Breads

Clove Garden Of India Sweets / Deserts

A Dry Milk Dumplings In Sweet Syrup Flavored With Cardamom.
Grated Carrots Cooked With Milk Slowly Sweetened, garnished With Nuts And Raisins.
Cheese Patties Steamed, Served in Thickened Milk With Pistachio Powder Garnish And Cold.
A Rice Pudding Served With Nuts And Raisins.
Firni Is Made of Rice Powder, Milk & Saffron.
Indian Home Made Milk Ice Cream.

Clove Garden Of India Non Alcoholic Beverage

Traditional Indian Spiced Tea With Milk.
A Refreshing Drink Made With Home Yogurt And Flavored With Choice of Salt , Sweet And Mango.
Coke, Diet Coke, sprite, Gingertea And Club Soda.